Neel Patel

Computer Systems Engineering Student | Available for a Co-op Job (May 2024 - Dec 2024)


I have aspirations of making a mark in this world through engineering. I strive to learn about the problems that everyday people face in their lives, giving me the experience to see the bigger picture in this world. I want to make real change to solve problems and also improve the lives of others.


- Linux Desktop

- Music

- All aspects of technology


- 3rd year Computer Systems Engineering @ Carleton University

- Entrance Scholarship


Programming/Scripting Languages

    ARM Assembly

Computer Skills

    Photo Editing
    Video Editing
    Linux (Arch, Debian, Fedora)
    Raspberry Pi
    Office Suites
    Hardware knowledge

Communication/Soft Skills


AI Bamboo Plant

Language: Python

Technologies: llama-cpp-python, piper, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu server

Using a water sensor, the bamboo plant will use AI (LLaMA running on local server) to write an insulting speech about me neglecting to water the plant and plays on the speaker using AI text-to-speech.

GitHub Repo (See it in action!)

Personal Blog + Blog Engine

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python

My personal website consisting of blog posts and web development ideas.

The entire website is built from scratch, including the blog engine which converts .md files to HTML blog posts and updates site links.

Visit My Website

Website GitHub Repo

Blog Engine GitHub Repo

Wallpaper Theme Converter

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A website that converts any image to any colour palette using JavaScript.

Visit Wallpaper Theme Converter

GitHub Repo

Book Data Analyzer

Language: Python

A university project that I led. The project analyzes, modifies, and organizes a dataset of books based on various parameters.

GitHub Repo

Albums Database

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python

Technologies: Spotify API

A website that uses JSON to parse data of albums that I like, which can be searched through and filtered.

Visit Albums

GitHub Repo

Cat / Hour

Languages: HTML, CSS, Python

Technologies: Reddit API, Ubuntu server

A website that fetches silly images of cats from Reddit and is updated every hour.

Visit Cat / Hour

GitHub Repo

Midi Search

Language: BASH

A command-line interface that searches and downloads MIDI files from

Github Repo

Discord Chat Bot

Languages: Python

Technologies: llama-cpp-python, piper,, Ubuntu server

A self-hosted chat bot that uses local hardware and attributes given by users to send personalized ChatGPT-like answers. The bot can also convert text to speech and play sounds in calls.

GitHub Repo

Social Media For Pets

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Technologies: React, Firebase

I created a group with intentions to learn about web development, called MeowDev.

Forpaws is the first project, aimed to make a social media for pet owners to share media revolving their pets.

GitHub Repo

Work Experience

Software Developer Co-op

Solace Corporation | Ottawa, ON | Jan 2024 - Present

- Looking forward to learn all about APIs, cloud integration and low-level development!

Jr. Test Analyst

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada | Ottawa, ON | May 2023 - Aug 2023

- Learned Microsoft Azure DevOps

- Meticulously executed text cases to ensure reliability of applications used by >10 000 Government employees.

Jr. Software Developer

NorthStar Utilities | Ottawa, ON | Feb 2020 - Apr 2020

- Learned Git and Docker

- Developed a Java program that standardized .properties files, automating document cleanup.

Other Work Experience

Garden Center / Grocery Clerk

Loblaws | Ottawa, ON | Apr 2022 - Aug 2022

Basic Band Staff Cadet

Royal Canadian Army Cadets | Ottawa, ON | Jul 2021 - Aug 2021