I Hate New Smartphones


Phones really haven't changed all too much in the last 6 or so years. They are still the same glass, metal, and plastic slabs that get slightly more screen real estate, more processing power, and a little larger and thinner every year. Despite this, I see smartphone manufacturers do things that seem quite illogical.

The Apple Effect

Apple dominates the smartphone market, and it seems that every Android phone company has adopted the "if you can't beat them, join them" mentality. We've seen this time and time again.

2016: Apple removes the headphone jack

2018: Samsung, critical of Apple, removes the headphone jack on their flagship phones, along with every other major manufacturer.

2017: Apple introduces the "notch" design on the iPhone X

2019: Nearly every Android phone has either a notch, teardrop, or punchout design

2020: Apple stops shipping the charging brick with their iPhones

2021: Major Android manufacturers follow suit

While Apple has definitely taken inspiration from Android (many software features, fingerprint scanner, multiple cameras, removing the physical home button, wireless charging, etc.), Apple's effect on Android is extremely significant. These changes that Apple has influenced have negatively affected my smartphone experience.

When Apple removed the headphone jack, it began the wireless earbud revolution, which is more profitable than the smartphone industry at the moment, hence why every smartphone company has their own. I don't hate wireless earbuds, but removing a port that's still found in most other technology (including Apple's computers) makes it a hassle for anyone who has wired earbuds.

I honestly don't mind the notch as much as other people may. In fact, I think Android has done it better, specifically Samsung with their hole-punch design which maximizes screen real estate without looking too ugly.

Finally, with the charging brick, Apple claims they're doing it for the environment, however I find it to be quite convenient when they did it since the cable that comes with phones after the iPhone 11 are lightning to USB-C, unlike the previous lightning to USB-A. People who haven't upgraded their phone since the iPhone 11 are forced to get a new charging brick since the old ones won't work with a lightning to USB-C connector.

Android Isn't Safe Either

Apple has made some interesting decisions, but at least I can clearly tell they are just trying to make the most money possible. Some Android manufacturers make awful decisions that just make no sense whatsoever.

My biggest pet peeve that exists on phones are the "waterfall edges", where the screen wraps to the edges. Samsung popularized it with their Galaxy S6 Edge, and ever since, all their flagships have some kind of waterfall edge to an extent. I hate these kinds of phones for two reasons: it makes it impossible/really difficult to apply a screen protector properly, and it is very prone to accidental edge presses. Not to mention that since more of the phone is "screen", it is more likely to crack if it lands on its edge. Even though they've been on phones for 7 years, I still think that it's a gimmick and provides very little value.

Another major problem that exists in Android phones is bloatware. Every Android manufacturer makes it their duty to reinvent the wheel and make apps that do not improve the experience whatsoever.

This brings me to another point having to do with the bloatware, and it's the useless features that nobody asked for. Samsung's Bixby is a prime example of a useless feature that was made just because voice assistants are literally just data mines.

My Dream Smartphone

If I could design my own smartphone, I would like to have these features:


Flat screen

I hate curved screens. Flat screens are significantly better.

1080p/1440p display, 9:16 aspect ratio

1080p is honestly enough. Phones aren't that large, plus a lower resolution can increase battery life.

90/120Hz refresh rate

Once you get used to a higher refresh rate, you can't go back. It makes everything look much better, especially for animations and scrolling.


Just like with the refresh rate, having deep blacks improves picture quality. Not only that, but it improves battery life since there's no backlight.


Personal preference, 6in displays fit my hand nicely.


To be honest, I don't really care about cameras all that much. I think all that really matters is a decent back camera sensor with an ultrawide sensor, as wella as a selfie camera that isn't extremely terrible.


I'd want it to be large. I don't mind if the phone is a little thicker as a result. I'd also want wireless charging inside. The battery should also be removeable, so that when the battery health goes down, I can just switch it. It's much better than going to repair shop and spending possibly hundreds of dollars to get a battery replacement.


I don't really need a powerful processor. I'd rather have a very power-efficient processor that doesn't let off a lot of heat. I'd ensure that the cooling of the phone is top notch as well.

Other Hardware

Headphone Jack
USB-C port

Universal, vs the lightning port.

Silent mode switch

One of the features on the iPhone that I wish was on more Android phones.

Plastic back

I don't really know why phones have glass backs. Plastic is more durable and won't crack as easily.

Transparent back

I'm not a 90s kid, but transparent technology looks so cool and I wish more technology had it.


Stock Android

I don't want to deal with bloatware.

Boot options

Linux phones are not there yet to be honest, but the end user should have to option to install whatever OS they want on their phone.


Smartphones have come a long way, and I can't deny that there are some really good advancements that have been made, especially in display technology. However, there are some small things that I hate about phones that I wish had changed. It would be cool to have a phone with iPhone-level software support and cameras, a Samsung-level display (that is flat) and Google-level software. Dream smartphones are dreams after all and I doubt they will ever be achieved. Maybe I should go into phone development in the future and make these changes myself.