Drawing Tablets - The Best Investment for Students


Draw and Annotate PDFs

It saves on printing anything and all you need to do is download pdfs of any lecture powerpoints and use a program like Xournal++ (or OneNote for Windows users)

Easy to Screenshot/Save Files

If you are taking any online tests where you need to show work, this will be a life saver as you can just save a file as a PDF and directly submit it without having the pain of taking a picture and converting it to a PDF.

Flexibility with Software vs Paper

There is no need to worry about eraser residue or missing any part of a lecture if you're running out of space as you can move, scale, and erase as much as you would like. Copying parts of equations and drawings as well as taking screenshots of the teacher's notes and pasting them into my own notes is really easy and fast. Overall, there's significantly more efficiency.

Alternative to iPad + Apple Pencil

Drawing tablets can do more or less the same thing that iPads and Apple Pencils can do, but for significantly cheaper. On top of that, it's really only practical to have an iPad as your main machine where you store your files or you need to have a MacBook to use AirPlay to send files seamlessly. You can easily get a cheap drawing tablet and a laptop for the price of an iPad and Apple Pencil or a MacBook.

Overall, drawing tablets have the benefits of using a computer and the benefits of using a pen and paper. You can also do art with them (what a surprise!!!). While I don't do art, it is great whenever I need to do some quick sketches or image manipulation on GIMP. As someone who plays osu!, I have to mention that you can marginally improve with a tablet over a mouse, but don't expect to be the best in the world because of it. You can honestly get any drawing tablet on Amazon or wherever (as long as it isn't the cheapest one. I would recommend looking for one that's at least $40+ CAD).